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Dr Wood and John Lash The quintessential talk on 911 Hour 2
by Touchstone Tom

Tue, Sep 6, 2011

MP3, Rightclick, download locally, then listen.

This is the realization of a 4 month old dream, desire to have both Dr. Wood and John Lash on together to talk about 9/11 in a way that only the combination of these two minds could make possible.  And now that it has come about, and I go back and listen to it in the editing process (and sorry about the 30 second gap between the intro and the start of the talk) I see that it exceeded anything I had envisioned it could be.  This is a MUST LISTEN and a MUST SEND TO EVERYONE you know talk.  And I really mean that.

Topics covered include:
Dr. Wood's disclaimer concerning the false claims of Richard C. Hoagland
The reason the "Truth" movement is so afraid of Dr. Wood's research
The connection of 9/11 with free energy and the further connection with crop circles
Not only the What and How, but also the possibility of WHO was behind 9/11
The nature of the Psy-ops embedded in 9/11 and how to awaken from the fog
Where we can go from here now that the lid is off on the undeniable existence of free energy

Dr. Judy Wood

John Lamb Lash