Quote from page 3 of Miles Williams Mathis comment on The Majorana Fermion

The reason here is the same reason the charge field has been lost for two centuries.  Physicists have never admitted that the charge field was real, or bothered to give it any real characteristics.  It is virtual to this day.  Which means that whenever anomolous effects like this effect at Delft arise, the physicists have to give the effect to something other than charge photons.  They don't have real charge photons like I do, so they can't possibly assign any effect to them.

If you read the paper closely, you see that the only particle they have before the Majorana is the electron.  They think the E/M field is caused by the electron.  Yes, charge exists in the paper and in the heads of mainstream physicists, but not as anything real.  It exists only as an undefined field or potential, or as undefined math.  We see this with the Majorana equation as well, which is written in terms of spinors and charge conjugates.

 i {\partial\!\!\!\big /} \psi_c + m \psi = 0 \qquad \qquad (2)

Charge itself is completely undefined and hidden.  It is nothing more than a ghost in the equations.  What I mean is, the spinor Ψ comes from the Dirac equation, where that variable was assigned to the wavefunction of the electron.  Not the wavefunction of the charge field or the charge photon.  So here the electron itself is hiding the charge field.

I have shown that this problem goes back to Bohr [], and his conflation of the photon momentum with that of the electron in his initial derivations.  Schrödinger then borrowed that mistake [] from him, and Dirac got it from Schrödinger.  Majorana then got it from Dirac.  The poison is still working today.

The wavefunction was assigned to the electron when it should have been assigned to the photon.  In this way the charge field was buried from the beginning, and has been hidden under the wavefunction ever since.  This is why the photon is still just seen as some sort of interloper in QM, when it is actually the defining particle of the field and of all the equations.

But in my unified field, the charge photon is the real particle that causes charge.  Charge is not caused by the electron.  Charge is only recycled, felt, and passed on by the electron.  The electron is like a charge field signal more than anything else.  It is large enough for us to monitor, so it is like a charge beacon in the field, telling us the charge strength at that location.  But it is charge photons that cause everything.  I have now rewritten the quantum field equations [] in terms of the charge photon, correcting this longstanding error.

(Miles Williams Mathis,, p. 3.)