Michio Kaku Confirms Icke to Be Correct

David Icke - Michio Kaku Confirms Icke to Be Correct
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BTNH24  |    February 14, 2009  |  379 likes, 36 dislikes

David Icke described the nature of reality in 1991, and now quantum physicists are confirming much of what Icke has been saying all along.

Please Read: It seems there has been a little confusion as to what David Icke is describing.  Someone pointed out that Icke is just talking about the electromagnetic spectrum, but though it's not in this clip, David Icke also talks about other entities existing on other frequencies exactly like Michio Kaku has explained here.

(*Clips are from BBC5tv, IckeVideo, and TheCircuitMojoHD)

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"What Icke Said in 1991, What One Of The World's Top Physicists Said in 2008"

Icke is also saying, "Open Your Heart", and they can no longer touch you.