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  1. Efter att man har bytt varumärken med varandra upprepar sig historien?

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    Historien upprepar sig. Tyskland 1923:

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    US has "170,500 metric tons of gold on deposit in Bank of Hawaii to underpin our currency which is about to crash."  

  4. "Se upp med dom som tror sig veta sämre - hukandets horder" - Kjell Alinge 2006-02-24 00:41:50 på mailinglistan Mediekritik, till LegeNet.

  5. Genom att etablissemagets försvarare förhindrat seriös dialog så har den politiska grunden av dem själva lagts.

  6. Well, I'm sure you read Swedish better than I read Dutch. But I do read English. :)

  7. What might confuse some people is when one completely ignore political discourse for going directly to root causes.

  8. Try . The meaning is unfortunately not always preserved. Instead often reversed. Cut-paste to translate.

  9. Det som kanske kan verka förvirrande för vissa är när man helt ignorerar den politiska diskursen för att gå direkt på orsakerna.

  10. Jag har märkt att de flesta starkt ogillar de som förstår sånt de själva inte förstår. "Truth cannot be told, it must be realized" -Max Igan

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    I thought it was cool he has Cathy O'Brien on... but I could be being played by that too

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    Don't look at the story, look at the missing plane, look into the Galactic Universe, Meditate goddamit!

  13. But if people still make themselves hired guns for crooks, we've gotta go after their employers.

  14. That would work if noone acted federal attack dogs for the crooks.

  15. I just finished listening. He says let's just be friends, and essentially don't go after the bad guys.

  16. Max Igan talks with Freeman pt1 2/6 about Barium poisoning from Chemtrails, and symptoms like aching joints.

  17. "Se upp med dom som tror sig veta sämre - hukandets horder" - Kjell Alinge 2006-02-24 00:41:50

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    Barrie caters to the non-believers who need an ex-uniform to convince them

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    I wonder if they've recently increased the HAARP, ppl nicely saturated w nanotechnology now, so many ppl being crazy

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    It's all over the net but not much from the inside level, maybe that's his gag, I'll have to look again with fresh eyes

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    The intel is all over the net but BT is asking people for patience for 60 more years. Same as 1918, 1945 etc etc

  23. He's also saying we should do nothing. That he's trying to talk to congress. Like talking to puppets is answer.

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    Hes not here to be a philosopher hes educating us on covert weapons

  25. Barry Trower has full understanding but is lacking the ability to implement the knowledge into new thinking.

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    I disagree w some of his opinions but i like most of his shows, and how he gives Cathy OBrien exposure

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    Barrie Trower seems to be the Emperor's personal tailor.

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    Definitely a threat to humanity's enemies - and not on the path of the moral arc of the universe!

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    Cobra Update 4-23-14: “IS:IS Portal Report & Window of Opportunity Update” Photos + more activation dates. Recommend!

  30. "Vi lever i en värld där de falska är "duktiga" och de ärliga är "dåliga". Därav den värld vi har." (Fick dessa sanna ord i privat e-post.)

  31. Those who help people are also persecuted b/c people helping e/o empower us all and are therefore a threat to humanities enemies.

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    Pastor blocked from feeding the homeless because he doesn’t have a $500 permit

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    Why are we kicking people when they're down - rather than helping them to get up?

  34. Beskrivning av mitt folkbildningsarbete skissar min självavprogrammering och arbete att sprida insikter och kunskaper

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    Keeping Directed Energy Weapons under a cloak of secrecy doesn't mean they don't exist. It means they're being sold on the black market

  36. Yes. But it helps to listen to other sane people. RT : For those who are losing faith - Michael Tsarion

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    I think we'll probably be deprogramming for the rest of our lives

  38. So we are to BE, not do. We are deconstructing the internal junk. I've myself done self-deprogramming. In several areas.

  39. You can't balance the world if you are not balanced yourself, no need to re-arrange the furniture when the Titanic is sinking

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    (tweeting this to myself) For those who are losing faith - Michael Tsarion : via

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    Truly is! We need to make govt/military/banksters/ account for their crimesRT : that's great news

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    There's NOTHING more Fierce or full of Grace than those willing to risk everything 4 LOVE not money, 4 TRUTH not power, 4 JUSTICE not glory.

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    Israel utilise la même propagande que celle des nazis mais on ne dit rien.

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    "How can you blame the Tyrant for treating you like a slave when you act exactly like one?"~Michael Tsarion

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    They've been conditioned to believe they are slaves so are waiting to be told what to do.

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    Ppl follow their beliefs. All you have to do is make them believe, and they will follow. Believing is the gateway to Mind Control

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    Karen Hudes says the FEMA camps are for the starvation : Feds Are Shutting Down The U.S. Food Supply: via

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    The Titanic is sinking but no one wants to grab the lifeboats becausee they're afraid they won't float

  49. It feels like we are all in one big Zionist concentration camp. As Gilad Atzmon says, "We Are All Palestinians".

  50. Answer: I pretend to be friend with my enemy & and are really a friend to my so called enemy. Now apply to Nazis & Zionists.

  51. 'Secret of Wu Tui' is "If 'The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend', what is the most exquisite secret that could be proposed?"

  52. Let's not forget what sick ideologies did to Europe in the 1900's. They've just re-branded.

  53. Så länge vi inte rakt upp och ned säger sanningar av rädsla för att andra inte ska orka kolla kommer vi bara att gå allt djupare in i dimman

  54. "The very word "secrecy" is repugnant in a free and open society". The truth cannot be off limits due to "National Security".

  55. The Physical events of 9-11 is already investigated, courtesy of Dr. Judy Wood. Now the responsible need to be identified.

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    It would be nice to get our and be able to hold a proper investigation

  57. Duff there admits Dr. Judy Wood is right and Duff even explains what the tech. used on 9-11 really was for, plan. "defence".

  58. I listened to Gordon Duff's secretly recorded conversation with Pete Santilli that the latter made public on 2013-01-09.

  59. Gordon Duff don't want the real story out. Mini Nuke version is then the next best thing, explaining most of the evidence.

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    And the victims were used for human experimentation? RT “Nuke cancer” from 9/11 revealed

  61. När de som kontrollerar media får för sig det så är det enkelt att elda upp ett folk till hat med lite samordnad propaganda.

  62. Det finns förresten inte mycket som talar för att Naziledarna hade annat än politiska skäl för judeförföljelsen.

  63. Hitlers farfar var tydligen en Rothschild så kanske inte så konstigt att en Rothschild finansierade honom. (Se min TL.)

  64. Så där kan man inte generalisera. Det var psykopater bland dem som finansierade Hitler.

  65. Applicera 'Secret of Wu Tui', som är: "If 'The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend', what is the most exquisite secret that could be proposed?"

  66. 400+ har JK-anmält myndigheterna med skadeståndskrav för uteblivet svar ang. besprutningen

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    Those of us who speak against government tyranny are being cataloged for future internment; friends as well.

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    All people must recognize that the Senate Majority Leader is calling those who resist "Domestic Terrorists".

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    Are they desperate to get us to start the fight? I'm so glad so many ppl are awake enough to see what's going on

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    -BLM Strikes Again: Seeks To Seize 90,000 Acres Of Texas Ranchers’ Land – Liberty Crier

  71. So Yes, Zio-Nazis is a handy umbrella term. Can fittingly include the Xe mercenaries and Knights of Malta et al.

  72. ZN = Collaboration Power-Nazis with the Sabbatean-Frankists (Satan worshipping Babylonian (not Jewish) gangsters) = Zionists.

  73. ., THAT was a VERY GOOD article! The Zio-Nazis are already completely exposed, but now this deeper layer must also be exposed.

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    Rothschild through his agent Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power via

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    “It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority.” ― Benjamin Franklin

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    JOIN the HUNT for CHEMTRAIL PILOTS' Names & Driver License Plate Identification Numbers to Post as MOST WANTED!

  77. The doc's by daniel on website, see especially Part 3 of the “Hidden Origin of Homo Sapiens” doc's.

  78. I just wanted to note that some of the more strange things Erin Green Hicks aka Erin Rothschild is saying is correlated in

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    Knights of Malta's job is to protect the Vatican Treasure: Alex Jones, the Knights of Malta, and the Jesuits:

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    Psychiatry was developed as a Weapon, as research back to its inception will reveal.

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    Dig deep, and you'll discover the ugly history of psychiatry, particularly its origins.

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    Govt will/is using an army of to push the agenda, disarm us, deal w/dissidents,drug our kids.

  84. Det säger naturrätten. Men denna rätt måste försvaras från rovdjurs-människor, som med våld eller psykisk hypnos tar den ifrån dig.

  85. Alla har rätt att stödja det de vill stödja, och att undandra sig att stödja det de absolut under inga omständigheter kan tänka sig stödja.

  86. Efter att ha uttömt möjligheterna att ändra inom ett system är det enda rätta att undandra dem resurserna & rikta om.

  87. Sektskadad av slavmedvetande fr att ha accepterat projiceringar från en psykopatisk kriminell auktoritär kollektivism

  88. Thoughcrime. I'm not surprised. I guess the parents should report on the children, and the children report on the parents.

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    I just block em, my health is poor from a third world disease I contracted. 10 more days of anti biotics :(

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    You cant name the day. It was Nov 24, 2013. Now, get lost, arent you afraid me and the ZOG will eat you?

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    I have some very insightful sources. I found out the same day that it had happened.

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    Since what day did you know? I remember the day I knew what was happening in Ukraine

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    I knew about that topic before the author of that article had written it.

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    Did you READ that post? Blaming McCain for Ukraine is not skewed. Its a FACT.

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    That was "debunked" last night by Infowars: MSM still omits McCain/Soros/US St Dept Nazi backing in Ukraine

  96. the only one threatening to expose the real truth that has been rendered harmless. Others been tricked to trust wrong ppl

  97. Thanks . I've known about Dr. Karla Turner abt 7 yrs. Glad I got this lnk. She was a threat to limited agendas. She is not

  98. . When someone behave like that you can be sure they are not in love with the ultimate liberation agenda, which require Truth.

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    . : Outrageous! Judge Rules Feds Can Hide Rationale for Killing U.S. Citizens! |Drone Murders Classified

  100. . She did follow, I RT:d, replied, and RT:d more when she suddenly blocked. I suspect she didn't like me also RT other persp.

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    I think if a person doesnt want your opinion they shld not follow at all. Did I misunderstand (am dutch)

  102. . I temp. deleted "A person who block someone who is honestly looking for truth is not open-minded." Is that what you agree to?

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    If you were saying that to me, I didn't block anybody from this conversation or today.

  104. A person who block someone who is honestly looking for truth is not open-minded.

  105. I don't know from whom I got this videolink, but searching for it on Twitter yielded this old Tweet by , so I'm Re-Tweeting.

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    I am AGAINST any aggression against Russia, these people are dumber than a sack of hammers

  107. However, herself block ppl for no good reason, so what about her own intentions?...

  108. RT : "Yep, she does. There only 2 spread prop. And I'm not interested in what she says"

  109. She was far from the only one publishing that. Truth was told on my TL, so I don't get .

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    But sometimes, "Mad Jewess Woman" does have a very skewed opinion, I've noticed.

  111. RT : "Sorry, I am balls to the wall when it comes to truth and lies." . Finding truth is an open iterative process

  112. I was in the process of Re-Tweeting her. I have nothing to hide. I only try to find the truth in confl. env.

  113. Interesting, I was just BLOCKED by Tina Sullivan . So much for openended search for truth...

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    Ukraine is a Jew hating country but thats not the issue. Issue is WHAT was McCain doing in Kiev Dec2013

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    When people post a rumor as truth I consider it dangerous.And spreading propaganda.

  116. Finding the truth is an open iterative process, in which I am engaged. Do I conceal anything?

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    Maybe you should try to authenticate "news" before you spread itTurn off the TV, no integrity there

  118. Because of "The Most Dangerous Superstition" nearly everyone is directly contributing to violence and oppression

  119. Topic of his talk is Removing Mental Malware. Do you want to know the truth? In the vast majority of cases the honest answer is No, I don't.

  120. Abt how most ppl can be controlled b/c of what is already in their heads/minds etc. Larken Rose - Free Your Mind 2013

  121. As you say, when it fits the agenda mainstream has no problem propagating conspiracy theories.

  122. Related: Holographic Disclosure. Man-made ETs/Golem life forms, The Sun a veil and gateway to another Dimension, etc:

  123. Dr. Karla Turner breaking thru "alien" Mind Control shortly b4 death due to fast-acting cancer

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    The clown Rasmussen is washington's puppet who is no more in charge of nato than I am

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    I can't help but wonder how much was planned ahead for today : Apr 18- 24 2014 Grand Cardinal Cross: via

  126. Zombie Apocalypse - is that when The Walking Dead, those who still deny reality, will have their psyc defenses utterly shattered?

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    How to Survive the Coming Zombie Apocalypse: An Online Course by Michigan State. via