The Fascism of Mickey Mouse: Stopping the New World Order


The Curator of the 5th Column: Steve Linick

Linick was the name of the CIA’s controller at the Voice of Russia. Bistritsky, Krassovsky, Kisilev, Alhimova, Stolyar, Dmitrev and Sayenko all mentioned or referred to him at one point or another but when I enquired I was told it was just a person from “monitoring”. Steve Linick is CIA, he was placed into the position of Controller of the State Department and the BBG to oversee the Ukraine Operation, the liquidation of the Voice of Russia, the attempted Color Revolutions in Russia, China, Venezuela as well as controlling Snowden and the 5th column inside Russia and in other countries. He would have been in a position to order or approve funding for the assassination of Nemtsov along with Gina Haspel who was the Black Operations Director, and to oversee the CIA’s Operations across the board in the Russian Federation. As controller he had his hands on all USAID, NED, State, CIA, BBG and other bodies’ funding.




Dear President Putin,

The Voice of Russia was not just a useless “Broken Piece of Old Soviet Propaganda” as stated by NATO puppet and 5t Column American darling Margarita Semonyan who dreams of driving around America waving an American Flag. The VOR was the untouchable, unblockable Sovereign Voice of the Russian Federation and the last bastion of truth in the entire free world.

You were lied to. You stopped the liquidation of the Russian Federation but you were lied to and they got away with the liquidation of the world known brand name that was the Voice of the Russian Federation.



Setting the Scene

In world history there has never been a country which lost its State Broadcaster and was not then physically invaded.

What we are witnessing today on a global level is the attempted takeover of all information sources by the West and the Zionist entity in a bid to achieve the stated military objective of Full Spectrum Dominance. It is a concerted, planned and all-encompassing effort to control all information that is available to humanity and to use that control to brainwash, manipulate, enslave and according to their own stated objectives, in the end, eliminate huge unwanted segments of the human race. Thorough misinformation, disinformation, propaganda, false narratives, fakes news and every form of information manipulation imaginable being spread over every aspect of media that is consumed by the largely unsuspecting citizens of the world they hope to program the entire planet to submit to the enslavement of their New World Order with the goal of a human race which is completely controlled, compliant, surveilled and docile like herds of sheep while “they” continue to do whatever it is they wish with complete and total impunity.

After decades the unprecedented assault on all peoples worldwide including the expanded manipulation, targetting and silencing by Western/Zionist social media and through the manipulation and attempted takeover of the Internet, their “efforts” have not been the success that the social media and Internet billionaires, along with other media conglomerates, promised the US/NATO/Zionist Military Industrial Intelligence Complex. While waging war in over 134 countries, subverting governments, installing leaders, manipulating economies, terrorizing populations, assassinating whistleblowers, leakers, journalists and anyone who would oppose them their measures of suppressing, obfuscating and distributing fabricated information know no bounds. Their desire to control and manipulate every sphere of human existence from patenting the food we eat to physically remotely controlling the cars we drive is only outmatched by their insane attempts to micro-manage everything we believe as evidenced by the WikiLeaks operation which covered up 911, the crimes of the Zionist entity and the US MIIC and entrapped, identified and eliminated thousands of whistleblowers, leakers, hacktivists and Truthers. As with the Snow Den Limited Hangout Operation, the Assange character (One Paul Hawkins was carefully chosen, groomed, presented, promoted and in the end loved and believed by billions) and WikiLeaks “exposed” edited and government-approved “leaks” of information we already knew or suspected which seemed real, while suppressing and in fact passing to the governments real leaks and “leakers” who were then dealt with brutally and with extreme prejudice. One only has to listen and watch Assange calling Hillary Clinton from his office in Virginia, or him calling 911 a Fake Conspiracy to realize he is a tool. Everything about WikiLeaks was created to give the impression of being genuine but it was all a fake. We know because V was a WikiLeaks associate.

Snowden is a fake. His name is actually Greenberg and I have testimony from one of his former colleagues that he was sent to Russia after an interview was published directly connecting the CIA and MOSSAD to the 911 attacks with his mission being to assist in the elimination of the publisher and destroy the journalist and everyone who produced the work at the VOR. That is by far not all, Snowden’s constant criticism and demonization of President Putin and Russia, goes so far as to being the original source of fake hacking allegations against Russia and his daily phone call to his CIA controller give direct evidence of a subversion operation but that is still not all, most of the information Snowden passed had already been passed to the Russians long before he appeared. We know because V passed it. He is a fake.

Their tactics at subversion and presenting a false reality where they are supreme has failed hence the need to silence and censor any and all opposing, and now even “possibly” opposing views. We see their failure with the continuing race riots in America where the MOCKINGBIRD works at full force, unimpeded and unhindered 24/7 and with the failure of Bill Gates to force his vaccines and RFID chipping on the populace. The MOCKINGBIRD Full Spectrum Security and Surveillance Police State has failed as a model for control.

Other historic events even pre-911 such as the assassination of Princess Diana show that the racist supremacist individuals like Netanyahu and those controlling the UK, will stop at nothing to silence anyone who for example supports Palestine or shows that Arabs and other minorities, not under the control of the Zionist Entity, are normal worthy human beings. Their terror at being exposed is only matched by their paranoid silencing of every voice they see as a threat. The fake USA moon landings (the USSR got to the Apollo 6 module first and it was empty), 911 and the continued cover-up of the genocide of the Native “Americans” are other horrific events that the MOCKINGBIRD was designed to cover up and all of it together shows the scale of the lies they are attempting to push, but the machine is failing and it is time to dismantle it and throw all of the parts to the wind.

In the “Information War” the only way to win against the CIA/NATO/HASBARA/MOCKINGBIRD is to expose the truth! Starting with 911, the fake moon landings, the genocide of native Americans, the endemic systemized racism, ghettoization and violent oppression of “minorities”, the endless War Crimes and Crimes of Aggression being committed on an almost daily basis by the USA/NATO, the illegal takeover of the world that is US/NATO’s aggressive global expansion and attempt at obtaining Full Spectrum Dominance, the attempt to install a global 5G control grid for the US/NATO military “SKYNET” and the ultimate lie of the Zionists that they are Semites and have some claim to Palestine. Their Crimes must be exposed and NOT covered-up for fear of “offending the sensitivities” of Masons, supremacists and lunatics, such as the media does worldwide, and in Russia as well, for fear of not getting a USA visa or losing their stolen wealth hidden abroad. We have seen the machine that is the MOCKINGBIRD being used to protect, promote and enable their fascist policies and states based on violence, racist supremacy, genocide, force and endless lies. Their entire House of Cards and Pyramid are based on lies, which is why they can not tolerate any individual or body which threatens to expose the truth or challenge their narratives, even small alternative websites, truth is in fact a threat to US/NATO “National Security”. This is why the VOR had to be taken apart and this is why my public person was crucified but the people of the world have the right to know the truth. - V

Some History on the VOR

The Voice of Russia World Service, under its original name Radio Moscow International, was the first international radio broadcaster in history, predating the BBC World Service and the Voice of America, both of which modelled their operations after those of Radio Moscow International. It was in fact the Voice of Russia World Service which served as a model after which the BBC World Service was designed and which then served as the inspiration for former BBC employee George Orwell’s 1984. While Radio Moscow International was broadcasting news to the Soviet World, those at the BBC who were indoctrinated to believe anything coming from the Soviet Union was evil, actually created the Big Brother of 1984 which Orwell warned about. It was under the perception that information could be used as an instrument of iron control that the BBC was created, to program and manipulate the masses.

The VOR’s liquidation and degradation from the official voice of the greatest super power in world history with a listening audience reduced to 480 million across all services by 2013, yes that is correct “reduced”, into a web page on an unknown “Russian” news agency’s site which parrots CIA/MOCKINGBIRD news while pretending to be “different” was a concerted planned operation carried out by a 5th Column run by the CIA, MI6, MOSSAD and the BND and facilitated by Ukrainian agents and foreign assets working inside the VOR. Even with these traitors inside the VOR actively operating in secret to subvert VOR broadcasts and content, the VOR was still the loudest and most dangerous opponent to the MOCKINGBIRD and the MIIC. They could not completely subvert the VOR even after killing several key staunch Russian patriots and incorruptible VOR figures but with the help of Ukrainian Mason Dimitry Kisilev and Margarita Semonyan, part of the CIA enriched “elites” of the new Russia and also foreign controlled assets who pander to the West, they were able to cleverly bring about the liquidation of the VOR even though President Putin’s clear order was to liquidate RIA-Novosti and reorganize the VOR.

Now sporting the name Sputnik, meaning satellite, (as Russia, according to the CIA architects of the liquidation, is supposed to be simply another satellite of the USA), what was the loudest and last significant voice on the planet for the Russian World and against the US Empire, the VOR is simply a useless unknown website which parrots the CIA Global MOCKINGBIRD run by the same 5th column and Americans who drove it into the ground. Sadly this is something that no one in Russia or the world has to date paid much attention to. However in war whether it be a Hybrid War, Military Psychological Operations, Economic War, Influence and Image Operations, Destabilization and Color Revolution Operations or any other covert form of information based subversive operations, one of the first and foremost targets of an enemy must be taking over or silencing bodies of Official State Media and this has been done completely with the VOR. After the Cold War and years and years of tuning and modifications the Voice of Russia which broadcast over satellites and short wave could not be silenced and was still listened to by almost half a billion people worldwide.

Today Russia has no official state broadcaster, although it has several state owned media concerns which pretend to be independent and in fact serve as extensions to the MOCKINGBIRD, all done for profit and with the identification of Linick, all done under the funding and watchful eye of the BBG and by extension the CIA. Uncovering Linick now explains why people from US Navy Russian Cryptography, the CIA, MI6, the BBC and the US Military were brought in and allowed to hold positions such as content editors and the like. This also explains why individuals at the VOR were openly and with complete impunity using the VOR to provide information and propaganda support for the Bolotnaya Protests and even actively attempted to interfere with the 2012 election campaign of President Putin. Finally this very clearly explains how Color Revolution architect Michael McFaul was able to remove content from the VOR simply by contacting the Chairman Andrey Bistritsky.

Given the Hybrid World War the US/NATO are engaged in against the world, in any real assessment the outright liquidation of the sovereign voice of a state such as the world-renowned Voice of Russia World Service, the view must be taken that such a subversion would be tantamount to an Act of War, whether “secret”, “hybrid” or “open” and those responsible charged with treason. We have seen nothing of the kind ever voiced by anyone even here inside the Russian Federation except perhaps quickly covered-up statements by former journalists and others such as the silenced heroes of this article. Given the simple fact that the liquidation was done on the eve of the CIA covert subversion, takeover and occupation of the Ukraine one would be more than simply negligent in not questioning the “logic” behind the timing and the liquidation itself. Again this is especially true given that under the written decree issued by President Putin the VOR was supposed to have been reorganized and the unknown RIA-Novosti, from which the 5th column arrived at the VOR to take it apart from inside, was to have been liquidated.

The Voice of Russia was a completely Federally Funded State Broadcaster and as the conspiracy to take it down was so big, those who orchestrated the subversion from the inside were able to promote the idea of simply liquidating the entire broadcaster to the President, such as Margarita Semonyan and Dimitry Kisilev who called the VOR a useless broken piece of Soviet propaganda and then got away with taking over the remaining pieces. However no one mentioned the real journalism that was taking place at the VOR and that the VOR could have been saved had there been a simple change of management and the firing of less than 10 people.

Introduction to V

There were many good Russian patriots, journalists, announcers, historians, presenters, support staff, operators, editors and other employees at the State Broadcaster Voice of Russia, who loved Mother Russia and the President and served them well. However every single one of these honest patriots, most of whom worked for the idea as opposed to the meager salaries they were paid, were “liquidated” along with the VOR with almost everyone afterwards remaining unemployable unless they were a part of the 5th Column. Surprisingly no one even in the Russian media is willing to publish anything about the story because the 5th Column has money and being led by Dimitry Kisilev and Margarita Semonyan who use the dirtiest mafia tactics to destroy anyone they see as a threat and who are closely connected to the Kremlin even though they serve the West, it is an extremely dangerous proposition to say anything against them inside Russia proper. To see the treason they are directing against Russia and the Russian World one has to merely look at their product. What should be promotion of Russia and the Russian World are merely instruments of the MOCKINGBIRD which continue to be edited and controlled by Americans, Russophobes and traitors to Russia.

One of these Russian patriots was an active asset/investigator/agent with multiple pseudonyms working for one of the Russian Security Services and was in fact working undercover at the VOR while holding multiple positions. We will call him or her V and for the sake of readability henceforth use the pronoun he to refer to V. He investigated and continued investigating the bloodbath that was the liquidation of the VOR for years with the conspiracy being called too big to investigate by the higher-ups in the Security Services, according to V meaning that there was simply too much money involved and all roads led to a Kremlin mole. This article and the ones which will follow are based on the witness testimony of former VOR staff who will remain anonymous to protect their safety and on reports and information available from several open yet largely unknown sources and finally from the direct testimony of V. With the publication of these reports eventually the public identity of V will be revealed as he was instrumental in exposing so much USA illegality that the CIA Avatar Edward Snowden was sent to eliminate his public persona, take his place and run the 5th Column while protecting the cash flows and serving as the Assange of Russia who would then distribute misinformation convenient to the CIA. The CIA then sent Whelan to attempt to identify V.

Overview of the Liquidation

Given that over 2,500 good people lost their jobs and several close to V people died under the same suspicious circumstances, the liquidation should have been investigated by the Investigative Organs of the Russian Federation or the Security Services but nothing of the kind occurred. Also the timing, right after the CIA orchestrated coup in the Ukraine and the CIA/US State Department’s operations to re-write history and glorify Nazism in Russia and worldwide, should have set off alarm bells in the Security Services but nothing of the kind happened. Coupled with the tandem liquidation of the Russian Knizhnaya Palata which was responsible for keeping a record of all media work and publications in the Russian Federation, again alarm bells should have gone off but nothing has occurred. Convinced that nothing would ever be done and seeing no actions taking place after the filings of dozens of reports V stopped investigating although he and his family continue to live with the fallout and the consequences of his public persona having been crucified professionally and personally by the 5th Column.

Introduction to BBG Manipulation

The Central Intelligence Service of the United States of America has openly admitted (Michael Morrel 2016) that the CIA publicizes their operations, such as killing Russians and killing Iranians, not by standing up at the Pentagon and making public admissions but by letting the targets “know”. The CIA has openly admitted and bragged about on multiple occasions through orchestrated leaks and the testimony of whistleblowers, journalists (Dr. Udo Ulfkotte) and investigators (many of whom are now dead) that they control everyone of any import in the global media and every media outlet worldwide.

The revelation and witness testimony about Linick and now the uncovering of who in fact Linick actually was is stunning because now we have a name to the individual who was pulling the strings in the shadows and who in fact singed off on, or even directly ordered the liquidation operations and the subversion of the VOR from the inside. For V this revelation has served as a form of redemption and closure even if nothing will be done and proves beyond the shadow of a doubt how the CIA covertly subverted the VOR, fulfilling the wishes of Rockefeller who was a rabid hater of the VOR, the Clinton Cabal who screamed about losing the information war and the Ukrainian elites and their Russian 5th Column compatriots who profited and gained the most by silencing the VOR. Given that multiple people were murdered and V himself was poisoned on two occasions but survived, with the outing of Linick, the hands of the CIA, MI6 and MOSSAD are clearer than ever. With the identification of the controller of the 5th column who was directly controlling content inside the VOR finally being revealed V has decided to finally speak out as this has now clarified unanswered questions which have now been finally answered. For V, after years of attempting to unravel the conspiracy, with news of his firing on May 15th, this was a bombshell watershed moment. His name is Steve Alan Linick.



Person of Interest: Steve Alan Linick

It has come to my attention that an individual working for the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States of America (verified by sources in Intelligence) who was placed in the position of Controller of the BBG (now USAGM) and the US Government body that the CIA uses as a cover known as the US State Department, both of which were the chief enemies of the Voice of Russia World Service and continue to be enemies of the Russian Federation, the Russian World, the Russian Orthodox Church and Russian President Vladimir Putin, is the same individual who was secretly controlling the content of the Voice of Russia World Service in English transmissions and the contents of the VOR’s website, internet resources and operations.

During my period operating at the Voice of Russia World Service in English this detail was something that I did in fact look into and then dismissed and did not worry about further as it did not appear to be an important point of convergence, foreign influence or control and the explanation given as to his identity proved to be accurate. During all of my investigations into the US Government’s Covert Operations against Russia the name Linick never came up as his identity was being suppressed or else I would have made the connection earlier, thus recently when I read the name Linick on a news item stating that he had been relieved of his position as not only the Controller of the BBG but of the State Department as well, all of the alarm bells went off and hence I feel compelled to pass along this piece of information because this individual is one of the key figures that I had been searching for in my investigations into who ordered the arrest of members of my family and my poisoning and the subsequent destruction of my family and my entire life.

On many occasions during my time at the Voice of Russia World Service, especially during night shifts at strange hours such as four in the morning, there were incidents where material had to be added, deleted or changed due to instructions from a certain Linick. On these occasions I might get calls from the editor, vice-editor, head of broadcasting or even the vice-chairman in the middle of the night or even on holidays. The release editors often mentioned the name Linick. I enquired as to who Linick was on multiple occasions and was informed that he was just part of the “monitoring” team or just a “listener”, so I never gave it too much thought as I was told that the monitoring team were just old retired people who were paid a small salary to listen to our programs.

Given the panic that always surrounded the mention of the name Linick and the fact that the VOR was selling the VOA time on our frequencies and the use of the VOR repeater stations (a documented fact), it now finally makes sense that the individual in question was actually the head of the BBG/Voice of America Steve Linick and not one of the “Monitoring Team” or even the “head of the London Bureau” as they attempted to pass him off as later. Linick may have at first just been a CIA “listener” or held some other minor position but on September 30, 2013 Linick became the Controller of the BBG and the US State Department. Given the soon to take place Maidan, therefore this was the key position in determining and controlling the propaganda and “Hybrid War” that soon ensued. Regardless Linick was obviously running the 5th column for the CIA before his official posting to the Controller of the BBG and the State Department and did so successfully which is why he was placed where he was.

Linick was known by Krassovsky from RIA-Novosti, Sergey Sayenko, Oleg Dmitrev, Victoria Alhimova and Andrey Bistritsky and the Director of the Announcers Nelly Hairetdinova and other members of management although it is not clear if anyone really knew who he really was other than Bistritsky, Alhimova and Sayenko. He was responsible for procurement fraud, which if true means that they were getting money and not carrying out the function they had promised and been paid to do which answers many questions regarding VOR lawyers and other internal issues which we will detail later.

After I had enquired as to the identity of Linick a second “Linnik” was hired to head the London Bureau of the VOR. Thus by doing so the Agents in the VOR would have had plausible deniability were I to have reported the incidents involving Linick. Linnik 2 was an MI-6 connected asset who may have went on to work in Russian Embassies in other countries. As this is my first report on incident regarding Linick this information should be of interest to Russian Security.

In addressing the second Linnik this is a classic move by the CIA when installing an agent. It is quite possible that the person of Alan Linick is nothing but a creation of the CIA, meaning there may have been such an individual born and he may have been killed or liquidated in order to establish the legend of the current Alan Linick. Giving him the same name as the person who was working in the London Bureau of the Voice of Russia for MI6 makes any investigation into the dictants of Linick difficult as the only instructions were done by phone through secret channels and closed networks. However there are recordings of conversations held by Russian Signals Intelligence and internal security bodies, which again will not be released because there is no political will to do so but which would help to identify who exactly Linick was at the VOR. In all of my years I have never come across an individual named Linick or Linnik so having two of them in one place serving parallel functions is more than suspicious.

George Webb came close to the truth when exposing Patient Zero in China but he did not fully understand what he was seeing. In this information age it is now more important than ever for the CIA to hide the identities of their Agents and Operatives. The Wuhan Operation required the use of what I call Triplets which is simply an escalation of the doubles or “Twins” tactic. Webb detailed the Benassi triumvirate, this tactic seeks to obfuscate and provide plausible deniability to an Operative and may use not only names but parallel Legends, historical data and even the use of body and facial doubles. Apparently when I enquired as to who Linick was I forced the CIA into damage control mode. I had overheard the name Linick the first time quite by chance which was when the cover Linnick was installed in what became the London Bureau in order to protect the identity of the real Linick. These people were committing treason and they were doing everything they could to hide their tracks. For the trained Intelligence Officers this tactic is quite simple to see and understand and it would be enough to know that there are two Linniks. However V had an issue with attempting to explain to his controllers and higher-ups the presence of doubles both in attacks on his own self and family and within the 5th Column operating in Russia and Counter Intelligence did not want to go there.

With regard to directing the Bolotnaya Protests everything was under such strict control that there was no way that these transmissions and multi-media posts about where to gather and such were accidental in nature or done without the knowledge of management. The hierarchy was strict and there was also no way that some head of a bureau would be dictating to Moscow Center and the Chairman of the VOR when and what content to change. All of this and more will be detailed in upcoming publications.

Conclusion and Ramifications

Given this new information and the identification of Linick as the figure directly instructing the 5th column and controlling media operations at the VOR and in Russia through RIA-Novosti as well it is necessary to carry out a reassessment of all of the events leading up to the liquidation of the VOR and correlating everything that occurred. It is also necessary to correctly track the cash flows and financial data keeping in mind that protecting Black Operations cash and illegal cash flows for the elites and facilitating targetting and extraction operations of Targetted Individuals were in fact the only documented jobs of Edward “Snowden” Greenberg

The exposure of Linick as the CIA Controller of the 5th Column shows that he was specifically promoted and placed in the position he attained in order to give him complete and total control of everything that the CIA was doing Worldwide including Information and Psychological Operations. As the Controller he had oversight of all cash flows and all Operations being carried out by the State Department and the BBG. This would include oversight for Black Operations, the sponsoring of Color Revolutions and Destabilization Operations, the financing of terrorists worldwide, the subversion and control of worldwide media and closer to home the Bolotnaya Protests, the State Department Grants given to the 5th column including Nemtsov, Navalny and Sobchak and in the Ukraine the sponsoring and bringing to power of Nazi forces and the Right Sector, the assassinations of police and Berkut officers on the Maidan, the sponsoring of the massacre in Odessa (the location of which was visited and inspected by Victoria Nuland in order to ensure that instructions had been carried out and monies paid according to plan) and finally for the sake of brevity the Bolotnaya Protests and the associated provocations and groupings being run by the CIA/State in the run up to Bolotnaya which was supposed to turn into a full-fledged Color Revolution. Operation Snowden is also now exposed, as is the quick escape of Mitrofanov who cut the funding of the VOR for the CIA, the real attempts at election meddling against Vladimir Putin that took place at the VOR and finally for V the source of the funding and chain of command of the operations launched and carried out against his family with the direct participation of Michael McFaul, CIA COS Moscow Joseph Moone and others.

Given that Linick was also in charge of contingency operations therefore he had oversight into the 600 million dollars that were to have been paid to the architects of an armed takeover of the Russian Federation, a plan that was exposed by several journalists in Moscow and the NTV television station and by V to the world in the English language on the Voice of Russia World Service. This revelation and the broadcasting of all of the subversive activities of McFaul led to a direct conflict with McFaul and two attempts by him to have V arrested and renditioned to the United States.

No one ever mentioned that the other constant “listeners” of the Voice of Russia World Service in English and in all languages included the Russia Division of the CIA, the US State Department, the BBG, MI6 and most of the Special Services of all of the world’s countries, in particular those to which the VOR transmitted to in their respective languages, but this was understood. No one ever changed material other than for Linick or on several occasions for Michael McFaul with whom the Chairman Andrey Bistritsky had a personal relationship.



Known as: Alan S Linick Steve A Linck

Related to: Sarah E Linick, 23 H Linick Zackary B Linick, 26 Harold M Linick Madeline Linick, 85

3077 Quincy St, Arlington, VA 22207, Pacific Palisades, CA, Los Angeles, CA, Washington, DC, Alexandria, VA, Santa Monica, CA, Philadelphia, PA, Encino, CA

Executive Director of the Department of Justice’s National Procurement Fraud Task Force and Deputy Chief of its Fraud Section in the Criminal Division from 2006 to 2010

Failed in properly using the Global MOCKINGBIRD to demonize China and Russia, promote Trump and in attaining Full Spectrum Dominance of the Internet.

Key part, paymaster and controller of the Clinton Globalist New World Order Cabal. Would have signed off on Maidan snipers, the massacre in Odessa, terrorist funding, Black Operations, Propaganda Operations and everything else State and the CIA were involved in.


Preview of PART 2

In V’s investigations Ekaterina Pavlova, who knew whom V was working for, led V to the identity of the Kremlin Moles and FBI/CIA Counter Intelligence Operations involving an émigré community of Ukrainians in New Jersey who carry our operations in Russia for the CIA. Of note are the names Zhulin and his wife Navka who has compromised Peskov.

In part two we will name names and details specific subversion operations many of which can still be seen today on the Sputnik website, including the permanent presence of 5 American flags in one form or another on the home page. We will also details threats, assassinations and specific targetting of journalists and employees of the VOR by the 5th Column, including direct attempts by Michael McFaul to eliminate a journalist, prevent the re-election of Vladimir Putin and start a Color Revolution on Bolotnaya Square in Moscow.

Of extreme importance we will detail the two assassination attempts on V including being poisoned in the office of Dmitry Kisilev who has been working for the BND and CIA since at least 2012 and the direct threat of fabricating a criminal case against V for his journalistic cover work.

In the detailed timeline of events at the VOR which we will publish soon the following date is of particular import as it shows that V was not alone in voicing his concerns, there were hundreds of complaints and letters written about the 5th Column to the Russian Security Services, the Investigative Committee and the Administration of President Putin.

2013 December 27 NSA Officer Wayne Madsen Interview and S Letter

On December 27, 2013 Wayne Madsen gave the VOR an interview during which he named the exact physical location of the 911 planes, information for which many people died. NSA in this case exposed the CIA and NSA was intercepting CIA Black Operations Coms, therefore when Snowden was sent it was decided to provide him a legend by exposing the NSA for the CIA.

Also on the same date according to a complaint calling for charges of treason which was filed, one Ukrainian/American named M.A. Kriviruchko was controlling the Voice of Russia’s content unknown to V or any of the other journalists and announcers.

S wrote a letter to the Russian Investigative Committee:

Прошу возбудить против председателя ФГБУ РГРК «Голос России» Быстрицкого Андрея Георгиевича, против главного редактора редакции всемирного радиовещания на английском языке названной радиостанции Алхимовой Виктории Анатольевны и против заместителя главного редактора названной редакции Столяра Марка Александровича уголовное дело по признакам статьи 275 Уголовного Кодекса Российской Федерации – Государственная измена.

Основания в приложенном файле.

Перечень деяний вышеназванных лиц, которые, по моему мнению, дают основания для возбуждения уголовного дела по признакам Статьи 275 УК РФ.

- Оголтелое внедрение уродливого, абсолютно непригодного для иновещания формата: выкрик – плохо подготовленные «новости», выкрик – погода, выкрик – биржа, выкрик – спорт, пара минут – скомканное и плохо продуманное интервью с третьесортным иностранцем, и двадцать минут миновали. Потом весь двадцатиминутный цикл сначала. И так весь день. Анализа нет, тематических программы упразднены. Россию НЕ ОБЪЯСНЯЮТ. Слушателей нет. Зато непомерно раздувается бюджет не имеющих никакого отношения в своем вещании к России вашингтонской и лондонской редакций.

- Почти полное отсутствие российских тем в эфирном вещании (такое положение сохранялось вплоть до путинского указа от 9.12.2013). Слова Алхимовой на редакционном совещании 24.09.2013 между 15-00 и 16-00 в к.620: «Российских тем не берем. Мы вещаем для либеральной американской молодежи, в чем-то маргинальной» (читай – голубой). Подобные же инструкции исходили от Столяра. Последний открыто приказывал сотрудникам рассматривать Россию только как объект приложения иностранного капитала. Однополые браки в Калифорнии, процентные ставки в Мичигане, достоинства нового смартфона, лесные пожары в Аризоне, стрельба в Колорадо… Только не Россия – она якобы не нужна аудитории. О годовщине Курской битвы – косноязычный материал на полторы минуты, и то под давлением. О невиданном наводнении на Амуре – беглые упоминания через полтора месяца после его начала. Но и третьесортной американской радиостанции из «Голоса России» тоже не получилось. Политику и содержание вещания вплоть до 24.10 определял один-единственный человек – американец украинского происхождения М.А.Криворучко. Политический контроль над вещанием был полностью утрачен. В конце октября, после моих сообщений о сложившемся положении в Госдуму, Администрацию Президента и Общественную Палату, Быстрицкий, получив легкую взбучку в Минсвязи, спрятал Криворучко на киевской р/с «Голос Столицы», откуда Криворучко продолжал руководить работой нашей англоязычной редакции, отдавая указания Столяру через Scype. В вещании стали проскакивать отдельные российские темы, но только в виде как бы навязанных высказываний Лаврова и Путина. Все интервью – только с третьесортными иностранцами. Российских экспертов «не берем».

- благожелательный нажим (под руководством Криворучко и Столяра) на темы однополой любви. Криворучко даже выпустил циркуляр на сей счет, копии которого я передал в два гос. органа, включая Госдуму. Своим вещанием мы поддерживали кандидата в мэры Нью-Йорка от ЛГБТ.

- предательское «объективистское» освещение событий на Украине. Все они были сведены к одному лишь киевскому уличному спектаклю (с помощью М.А.Криворучко, который сейчас руководит киевским дочерним предприятием «Голоса России» - р/с «Голос Столицы»). Анализа никакого. О геополитическом содержании и смысле событий – ничего. О массовых митингах в восточных и южных областях/Украины против «евроинтеграторов» - ничего. «Голос России» выступил в позорной роли подголоска Всемирной Службы Би-Би-Си и «Радио Свобода». Тон, однако, заколебался после путинского указа от 9.12.2013.

- крайне сомнительное освещение (под руководством Криворучко и Столяра) июньских беспорядков в Турции. «Голос России» своим «прямым эфиром» явно подыгрывал толпе возбужденной стамбульской молодежи, но замалчивал потрясающие массовые митинги в поддержку Р.Т.Эрдогана. Между тем Турция – наш сосед и исключительно важный партнер. Разногласия насчет Сирии ничего в этом не меняют.

- разгром стратегически важных турецкой и монгольской редакций.

- низведение русскоязычной службы до бесформатного состояния, в котором она совершенно не в состоянии конкурировать с другими русскоязычными радиостанциями ближнего и дальнего зарубежья (дело рук М.А.Столяра, когда он был там замглавредом).

- разгром А.Г.Быстрицким и его присными в нач. 2000-х гг. радиостанции «Маяк». До разгрома 40% жителей РФ хотя бы раз в день слушали «Маяк». Теперь – менее 7%. Единству страны нанесен существенный ущерб.

В целом в период полномочий А.Г.Быстрицкого, В.А.Алхимовой, М.А.Столяра и М.А.Криворучко (ныне надежно укрытого в Киеве) многие российские радиовещательные службы были разгромлены или тяжко изуродованы, а англоязычная служба «Голоса России» - превращена в орудие совершенно чуждых зарубежных сил. «Оккупационное радио», как шутят местные остряки.

P.S. Не для протокола. Парни, помогите вырвать «Голос России» (после путинского указа – часть информагентства «Россия сегодня») из рук русофобов, вредителей, пидоров и предателей и вернуть его к его уставной роли голоса РОССИИ, орудия НАШЕЙ внешней политики, НАШЕЙ нац. безопасности и НАШИХ планов культурного обмена. Промедлим – потеряем все!

The continuation will follow soon.

The Author, for now Ivan Ivanov or simply V, this publication with permission.